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Our Approach

Every page on this site reflects our unique approach to language learning. We call it "fun". Our motto is that reality is not a textbook. You are invited to take a tour around our site. Have a browse and find out what we are about. All text links and copy will be in straightforward German so you will always know where you are and what to expect. All humour content has been carefully selected by us.

There is a special form of stand-up comedy in Germany and Austria which is known in German as "Kabarett". Unlike its American and British counterpart, Kabarett usually deals with current political issues. This can be a problem for learners of German, who may not be familiar with them. For this reason, we select only acts that were designed with a longer shelf life in mind, helping you as a learner to appreciate the humour and pick up vocabulary. We particularly recommend our collection of the  funniest German TV ads of the past fifteen years, as the visuals will give you an immediate sense of what is going on and make it easier for you to understand the vocabulary and jokes.

Another peculiarity of the German language is its multitude of dialects. Germany is a relatively young nation state and this is the main reason why there is such linguistic diversity. Dialect can pose a challenge to learners – students who have spent a term in Munich, Berlin or Stuttgart might be able to tell you a thing or two about it. In selecting material, we have therefore focused on content in standard German (or "Hochdeutsch"). Some great artists from Austria, Switzerland and Germany use dialect as part of their acts. In these cases, we have chosen clips that should be relatively easy to follow for people who are not familiar with the dialect.

In addition to  online videos and  advertising clips, you will find  recommendationsfor a variety of things, ranging from television programmes and films to books and games. The idea is to give you an overview of the finest acts, shows and books of the past thirty years. If you decide to delve even further into the language, you will find Humor-Depot a reliable source of information. Our recommendations ensure that every title you choose will not only give you a good time but also help you improve your German.

Humor-Depot is a bilingual online humour resource intended for learners of English and German as well as other interested people. We follow a bilingual approach because we are convinced it is the best way to promote intercultural understanding between native German speakers and the Anglophone world as well as learners of German from Eastern Europe, Asia and South America.

We at Humor-Depot believe that a humorous look at life can significantly improve your health and quality of life, which is why we invite you to let some of the funniest stand-ups from the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia entertain you.

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